Saturday, October 14, 2006



Below is my sister with Gwyneth 2 years ago
It is 5:07 AM and I've been up since 3:15.... why? Of course, I'm sitting at the airport. I'm on my way to Utah. This week I'll be visiting with our teams in Logan and Salt Lake City which will be great.

A perk is that my sister lives in Utah, so I get to see her in a few short hours. We'll go out to breakfast with Gwyneth (my niece), go to the zoo, and swing by to pick up my brother-in-law at the airport who has been away to St. Louis. And then I'm sure my sister has Sunday all planned too.

Unlike me, Stacy plans in advance. She would never be stranded at the airport because she forgot she needed to get home. She never forgets a birthday. Some call me responsible but she is over the top and detailed. I'm sure I frustrate her at times with my calling and asking her 2 weeks in advance if it is okay to visit, but I know she still loves me.

I realized that I haven't really been to see family since Christmas. I did go to my brother's graduation and saw some of my family there but I wasn't going to their homes. I realized I missed home when this past week, my 4 year old niece informed me on the phone that "she hasn't seen me in forever"

It will be great to see them and just be! There is something about family that you just feel more yourself and the fact that your nieces and nephews fling themselves at you and say they love you when really all they know about you is that you are family!

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