Tuesday, October 17, 2006



WoW!!!! Da-Bears... my Bears got a lot of hype this week on being the best team since they won the superbowl and the bears' shuffle. Everyone talked about what an easy time of it they will have in Phoenix and will be 6-0.

Well..... I must say that last night's game was a dose of humble pie. They looked pretty pathetic the whole game. I wonder if all the hype didn't get into their heads and they came into it cocky?

It was Phoenix 20 and the Bears 0 at halftime. I didn't see the game up to this point 'cause I was playing with my adorable niece. BUT with 5 minutes left in the game, I got to see a great comeback! Now it was Phoenix 23 and the Bears 24 with 2 minutes to go... Phoenix pushed the ball down the field... 6 seconds left... they kick the field goal and... OOPS! The kicker missed it!!!!!! Da-Bears WON! I couldn't believe it.

This morning's headlines said, "Thanks to the defense, Hester's punt return, and the Phoenix's kicker the Bears win!" I felt bad for the kicker (I'm sure his team and coach and himself were not happy).

Da-Bears were LUCKY ... but it sure was exciting to watch.

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