Sunday, September 24, 2006


WoW! Amazing! Beautiful!

Adjectives that I've said over and over while being here in Juneau!

There are mountains everywhere... but you have to look quick due to fog, rain, and more rain! Lakes galore... the water channel, and YES, a huge glacier that I walked by and explored ice caves with the team.

First UAS - Juneau (the campus)... I got to meet several pastors, interact with students as I passed out Freshmen Survival Kits, and I got to share Christ with students. What a privilege. Heather and Megan are the two that stick out to me. I'm continuing a relationship with Heather as we talk about the gospel and the book of John. She is so eager to know Christ! Pray for Megan and Heather that the truth of Christ would be evident to where they worship Christ!

ALSO, the Lord blessed us with a Kayak trip by the glacier by an adventurous friend, Debbie. She rented kayaks for our team and brought another friend along as we kayaked in a lake with iceburgs, waterfalls, and the glacier. WoW!

Then we hiked along the glacier and even inside it. There is water running inside the frozen part... the only thing even remotely like it to describe it is looking through an aquarium with 10 inch glass. There were so many shades of blue in the ice caves too. I'll have to post pictures later.


It looks like you spent my birthday in a more exciting way than I did! Look forward to seeing pictures. It looks like the only way to keep up with all of your travels is to keep reading your blog! I can only imagine the sights you are seeing. Love ya!
This would be a perfect post for some pictures. No, really! Some pictures would be nice.
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