Tuesday, September 19, 2006


New Territory

One state I never thought I'd see would be Alaska. BUT tomorrow I set foot in Juneau! I'm sure I'll have adventure and see new things as well as experience new culture.

Already I know I'll be in Juneau with our Alaska team that is just starting out and Alex Kettles. We'll meet up in Juneau, have some fun fishing on the weekend, and we are hopefully finding key students who desire to see transformed lives in Christ.

Then we'll take a 5 hour ferry to Sitka, AK which will be cool to see all the sights (I hope). And do the same thing all over again. I pray we would see the Lord's hand and have favor with all the people just like the first church did.

This trip promises to be exciting though I'll have to remind myself to continue to be flexible as I'm sure our plans will change though hope to be in step with the Lord through it all! If you think about it pray for us. I'll be there until Sept. 28th.
I'll be sure to post pictures.

WOW--sounds fun! I know you'll have a great time with Alex. Praying that God will give you favor...
One of my current roomies is from Alaska and is very excited you are trying to get things going up there! Praying for you. Lisa
Wow, you get to go to alaska?! that's so awesome! Hope you are having the time of your life :)
see you when you get back.
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