Friday, September 15, 2006


Conversations at the Airport

Have you ever noticed that when things at the airport go smoothly, you don't really talk to those around you? BUT if the plane is late, weird landing, or anything technical goes wrong suddenly you have conversations with everyone?

At JFK last night, I was waiting to board our flight when the announcement came that we were going to be late because our flight crew hadn't shown up yet.

As a result, people started talking. There was the woman who lived in Albany that hoped to make her shuttle still so she would get home at a decent time. I found out she used to live in Brooklyn and moved to the west coast when her husband was transferred in his job.

Then there was the woman from da Bronx who was coming here for a wedding. Her step daughter's... she was a lovely lady who ended up sitting behind me on the plane.

Then there was the drunk guy who couldn't believe that he had to wait a bit longer for his flight.

Then there was the guy when I got on the plane that was so friendly to everyone. He ended up sitting next to me. It was fun to watch he and his wife interact. They were definitely in love. He turned to me and we began talking about life. It turns out we have a lot in common even though he grew up in Istanbul. Ahmet and Mobey were visiting Portland to see an aunt for the last time most likely. We had talks on death and about our 3 religions. He is Muslim, Mobey is Jewish, and I am Christian. It was a great conversation and at the end they gave me their information to keep in touch.

All in all it was a pleasant trip after all -- even if we boarded the plane late and then sat on the runway for 50 minutes before take off!

Hope you had a good week in NY. I can't wait to be home tomorrow. Our time has been full and definitely cultural. See you soon!
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