Sunday, July 09, 2006


Losing my Shoe!

My brown shoes of 4 years died the other day. I was walking in Ikea doing an errand for a friend and suddenly I couldn't walk very well. I looked down and the toe thingy had busted, so I hobbled down the aisles with sadness. These shoes go with everything from nice skirts to jeans and it is so hard to replace them.

So, I drove to Target and got $3 pair of flip-flops until I can fall in love with my next pair of shoes that go with everything! Sigh!

I totally understand the sadness. I have similar brown shoes that I wear w/ EVERYTHING. I actually bought them when I was on summer project 3 years ago. I keep hoping they will last forever! Good luck finding new ones! Hope you are well
Ahhhh, Kerri. Sorry about the shoes. I liked them too. I just caught up on all your blog entries since I've last seen you. Sounds like a fun summer. We'll talk soon.
hey Kerri,
Were these brown shoes the ones we bought together in Orlando, the day it was raining so hard and we ran through the parking lot in the rain--wait, those shoes would be almost 5 years old now, wouldn't they? Speaking of Target flip-flops, I just got a pair for a quarter--they are obviously flimsy but perfect for wearing around the house. Target was having and after the 4th of July sale. Love and miss you! Allison
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